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Welcome to Brain Management Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd
                                                - An Employee Organization

Welcome to Brain Management Consultants


Brain Management Consultants is strategically positioned to assist organisation's in the sourcing and recruitment of quality talent globally. Brain Management Consultants comprises of experienced recruitment consultants whose diverse expertise has empowered the performance of many reputed organisation's and strengthened the technical and managerial competencies In light of the constant change and developments occurring in the IT realm, the team members make a conscious effort in keeping up to date with technology issues, innovations and industry trends through constant reading, seminars, talks by industry experts, training and networking sessions.Brain Management Consultant a "Management Consulting Firm" has a competent in core IT and IT support recruitment across technology /domain platform. We are good in taking care of one day drives, events, and large voluminous numbers in specified time duration..

BMC Staff and Infrastructure:


BRAIN CONSULTANTS Staff consist of Graduates, Professional Graduates (MBA) also BE Technical Graduates. BRAIN CONSULTANTS recruits its staff based on educational back ground, individual capabilities in terms of deliverables, innovative, have knowledge of the market developments in terms of IT, ITES, BPO We also recruit based on Experience, Campus recruitment and Employee Referral. BRAIN CONSULTANTS comprising a core headhunting team too. Adding the mainstream we also have good no of Engineering Graduates working off hours as part timers. Best ambience with 24x7 run time.




we handle volume variations, within a short time frame, We internally have a team called Event team - the primary job is to handle volumes and drives /events across clients/technologies, basically weekend drives. There fore there would be continuity in handling bulk projects with multiple clients and events in multiple locations as the team is well equipped and trained for the same; shall not face any kind of hassles. The variation in cliental requirements shall not hamper or differ in our consistent deliverables.

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